Starry Nights In Other Planets
When I used to look at the beautiful imagery NASA has collected over the years and look into these images and see the infinite amount of solar systems. I always wondered what an incredible magnificent sky line it must be in those planets close by these celestial bodies.

What would it be like to see the sun set or rise in such places?
As beautiful as NASA's images are, I have always wondered how people relate to them in an emotional sense. Do they just see them as something out there millions of light years away unreachableĀ  and cold, or as something they can emotionally relate to.

So basically this new series I have started working on are images of modern architecture i have shot here on earth, through out my travels and juxtaposed against NASA's images to try and create a new way to think or view NASA's images. To give human context to these celestial bodies with the possibility that who ever sees them may start looking at the incredible universe we live in a more emotional way.
More coming soon...
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