Sueños(dreams) is a recent client from Mexico, for a mid to high end healthy food establishment.
Kanlagna Hotel is a modern hotel in the hart of Vantian, the capital of Loas.

Bread republic is a located in Vantian Laos.Bringing you fresh and healthy       bakery goods that are so yum, yum.
Arctic Cat came to my old agancy Periscope for some logo concepts. They through some money in our faces and said "Logo away you bitches!" It was a crazy week.

Self Promotional Magazine Project
A high end flower shop in Bankok Thailand. They came to me wanting a mix of fun and modern logo for there company.
Logo Concept for an orginization out of Minneapolis Minnesota. It had to be cool and touch the harts of the youngens.

Self promotional for my old site
Self promotional. Old logo i used on buisness cards, mailing stamp, t-shirts.
Back in 2011 in LA i was bored out of my mine and some person came to me to create some preliminary logo designs for a possible jean brand they were thinking of making. Never heard of them again. 
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