Oversaw the re-design & re-branding of www.kia.com USA for 2010
Role: Lead Visual Designer
In 2009 Kia as a company was going through a heavy re-brand which included a rethinking of all its automotive lineup and designs. The web had to follow suit and stay in pace with its new vision for ware Kia USA wanted to take the brand.
Due to how antiquated the site was at so many levels it was decided to do a full site redesign.
• Strategizing and Conceptualizing specific aspects of the site
• Managing asset creation & creating design elements for major portions of the site
• Working in a team environment with CD, visual designers, 3D artist, and frontend developers
• Working in conjunction with UX Designer on certain aspects of the site.
• Implementing new workflow & processes with CD of visual asset handling and archiving.
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