The needs for the following clients vary in size and scope the one constant for me is having the mindset of building for scale. Creating libraries that work in a hierarchy from atoms to molecules to components to templates to pages. When created in this manner working unison with the development team the ability to do future changes and broad updates become simple and efficient.
Although I plan and think in this manner the reality in some of the companies I have worked at are more of an idea to push and move towards than a reality.
stitchfix is an E-Commerce retail clothing company
Work involved: UI Design
Tools: Figma
Summary: Managed Component Library’s for web and production
Managed two libraries for the web team.
The web component library
This library housed a breakdown of web and landing page components including archived older components. Part of my work was to re-do all the web components to the new brand standards, linking and nesting with other design pattern libraries for more efficient future automated updates.
Production component library
A project created by me to streamline the work process of production deliverable to dev. This library works in conjunction with the first library but focused on actual deliverables needed for release. This library works in conjunction with the first library but focused on actual deliverable needs for release.
Cerence is a developer of immersive and multi-sensory experiences and virtual assistants for the automotive world.
Work involved: UI Design / Visual Design
Tools: Sketch, Zeplin
Summary: Created Web design system
Build a basic design system with patterns and components that represent the brand. Creating set patterns and components for scale, to be used in other pages through the site as the engineers build out the rest of the pages.

Intuit Quickbooks
Saas based accounting application for small and medium-sized businesses that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.
Work involved: UI Design
Tools: Photoshop, Marketo, Eloqua
Summary: Component Library for emails and landing pages
Created a module-based template system within the new brand guidelines for their global marketing team. Working with the developer who implemented it in Marketo and Eloqua.
Deliverable included a comprehensive detailed Style Guide and Photoshop templates.
Other companies that I have lead
redesigns and re-brands

Oracle's marketing email and landing pages
C3 IoT software
Telltale Games web site U.S. web site
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